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So What Is Emotional Freedom Therapy (EFT)? 

For thousands of years ancient civilisations have been aware of the principle of an ‘energy body’ as well as a physical body, and they have been treating imbalances and dis-ease accordingly. There is a belief, which underpins this ancient science, that if there is dis-ease, it is a result of a disturbance in the energy body.

The energy flow can be balanced in many different ways, including Reiki Healing, acupuncture and tapping key points.

According to ancient Indian science we have more than one body. We have an astral (spiritual) body, an energy body, an emotional body, a mental body and a physical body. In modern language we would just call these ‘bodies’ parts of us. For example, a part that does the thinking, another part the ‘feeling’, etc.  Any kind of disturbance in any of these bodies, or parts, affects the energy body, which will present dis-ease in all or some of these parts.

The energy body is the most sensitive, because ultimately every single part of us (and the universe as we know it) is made up of energy. In Yogic terms this energy is called Prana.  Prana is vibrating energy. In the Chinese tradition it is called Chi, while the Japanese call it KI. The slower the vibration, the grosser the expression of the energy. In explanation, the physical body is energy expressed at a gross level and thus seemingly solid, while air is energy expressed at a much faster level of vibration and thus invisible to the naked eye.  This ancient science is recognised within quantum physics, and of course the basis of Einstein’s Law of Relativity. 

The Energy Body

Ayurveda, which is the ancient and oldest medical science, describes an energy body as a network of thousands of ‘channels’ through which energy or prana flows. These ‘channels’ are called nadis.  According to Ayurvedic science we hold 72000 nadis in our body and they all end in our feet.  Maps of the energy body date back at least 5000 years. This ancient medical science directs practitioners to specific points, which are highly sensitive.  These points can be stimulated to balance the flow of energy and thus create balance, harmony and health on all levels. 

This knowledge was brought to China by Buddhist monks and forms the basis of Chinese medicine as we know it today. Acupuncture follows the principles of the Nadi system and we know it as the Meridian system. The Meridian system has 14 main channels in the human body through which vital energy or Chi flows. 12 of these Meridians are related directly to the principal internal organs. 

The energy flow can be balanced in many different ways, including acupuncture, massage and tapping key points.  The energy flowing through this system also radiates beyond the surface of the skin like a magnetic field, which can be manipulated with aura healing, such as Spiritual healing and Reiki.  Recent breakthroughs and development in the field of Meridian Therapies has given us the techniques that are used in EFT. In EFT we use Meridian points that are significant. 

The Development Of Current Meridian Therapies

 Clinical Psychologist, Dr. R.J.Callahan developed a form of meridian therapy called TFT or Thought Field Therapy. After encountering muscle testing he took the idea of mind/body connection on board. He experimented with tapping certain vital meridian points with a phobia patient and found that a long-standing phobia disappeared within minutes. He then developed his technique.  In order to diagnose which meridian points to tap, he used muscle testing. While this therapy is undoubtedly very effective, it is time-consuming to perform and to study. 

One of his earliest students, Gary Craig, decided to ‘tap’ all 14 points. This method is a convenient way of covering all the main meridian points and takes less than 2 minutes for one basic round of tapping.  This streamlined way of applying Meridian Therapy is called EFT or Emotional Freedom Therapy.  There are now many different developments and approaches to Meridian Therapy, their collective name being ‘Energy Psychology’. 

The recent developments in the field of Energy Therapies have given us the techniques that are used in EFT. In EFT we use Energy Points that are significant and by concentrating our mind whilst gently tapping these significant points we can affect the energy flow in our body. This technique is highly powerful, easily learned, and can be used by anybody for self help.  Many people use the technique for themselves after learning the basics of EFT. At Alpha Waves we regularly run a 4-hour course to learn the basics of EFT for self help. 

Experienced practitioners of this wonderful technique are capable of far more; particularly if they are also Master Practitioners of Neuro Linguistic Programming. NLP affords the EFT practitioner advanced skills of deduction.  This enables the practitioner to acquire very accurate, detailed information for diagnosis and advanced treatment with EFT. This expert treatment allows the client to let go of the disturbance in the energy field easily and effortlessly. 

When Can EFT Be Useful? 

EFT has been used successfully to address a wide range of problems. For many clients with physical and/or emotional problems it is a very effective self-help technique.  By using EFT at stressful times they can remain calm and can take charge of their own state, which makes it ideal for stress management. EFT is also useful when clients want to feel more confident or if they need to let go of a fear or phobia. EFT can be used in all circumstances to effect change in clients’ health and wellbeing,  mental, emotional or physical. 

At Alpha Waves we use EFT combined with NLP as part of our 3-hour Stop Smoking Programme.  In fact, Antonia Boyle at Alpha Waves often uses EFT in conjunction with NLP, so that clients get the best of both therapies.  She also prescribes ‘tapping for homework’ in order to empower clients with self help and reduce dependency on their therapist. 

Gary Craig produced a promotional video that demonstrated an improvement in the quality of people’s blood following a 5 minute tapping session. This test was conducted under laboratory conditions.

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