About Meditation


WHAT IS MEDITATION – a brief introduction

Meditation is a way of giving your brain a rest. There are many different reasons for people to want to learn to meditate. However, nowadays the most overriding motive is the need to be more relaxed. Meditation practice gives you the shortcut to being a more relaxed person.

Sometimes people tell me that they have tried meditation, but they can't switch off. Meditation does not require you to have a 'switched of' mind.
Often people have been trying to learn a meditation method which is unsuitable for the specific natural way that their brain operates.

At Alpha Waves we help you to discover which method will work specifically and perfectly for you, so that it will be easy for you to become relaxed and still. Given the appropriate method which suits you, meditation will let you to be in charge of your thinking.

The knowledge that mediation has many benefits is as ancient as time. We come across some practices of meditation in the ancient Indian texts, where it is part of the earliest medical science.

It is the control of the mind and meditation techniques that makes the martial arts of China so amazingly powerful.

In most world religions, chants or repetition of holy texts are used to become more focussed. In the practice of Yoga the technique of repeating a word or sentence with meaning is called Mantra Meditation. This became a very popular meditation practice in the West during the 1960s. It was popularised by The Beatles and their teacher was the Maharishi Mahesh. The name given to this form of meditation is Transcendental Meditation™. Due to of the incredible number of people who started using this simple technique, viable research regarding the effects of meditation over a prolonged period was possible.

Your mind will be clearer and it is easier for you to focus and concentrate as a result of meditation. During your practice you teach your thoughts to be in the present and this learning will carry on in the rest of your life.

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