Alpha Waves Stop Smoking Now - Breathe Again Audio Programme

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Have your attempts to kick the habit gone up in smoke?

Inspirational New CD for Smoking Cessation
Stop Smoking Now! – Breathe Again...

Featuring the voice and wisdom of Antonia Boyle
Eriksonian Hypnotherapist and NLP, Yoga, Relaxation & Health specialist. 


stop smoking now cdPeople often find that giving up smoking is far from easy and remaining a non-smoker can be even more difficult. This is not necessarily because they have a physical nicotine addiction, but because smoking has become an engrained habit and a crutch to rely on.

Many people report that from their very first 'drag' they found it disgusting, yet amazingly, they persevered to becoming a smoker. There are countless reasons why people start smoking but most will find these are now out of date. You may have already left behind other things that no longer suit your lifestyle? Smoking can be one of them when you use this invaluable CD – Stop Smoking Now! - Breathe Again ...

Stop Smoking Now! - Breathe Again ... is the result of many years experience in the field of health & wellbeing and incorporates Ericksonian hypnosis combined with powerful NLP techniques. I have been helping smokers to quit through one-to-one consultation for many years and wanted to share this knowledge in a quick and easy format that is suited to self-help.

This inspirational CD will be your supportive partner while you stop smoking and start your new life. You'll find it easy to kick the habit and kick-start your health and vitality. The so-called nicotine withdrawal won't bother you (after 48 hours your body is nicotine-free) and this programme will keep you physically relaxed and mentally on-track.

During the course of the programme you will quite simply forget to smoke. Most of us have forgotten someone's name or forgotten our car keys – in the same way, you will be able to quit smoking by merely forgetting to light up.

Stop Smoking Now! - Breathe Again ... will also keep you relaxed while you quit. Listen to the CD at least twice a day for a week. This small investment of time (30 mins duration) has big implications for your future health, wealth and happiness!

Antonia has also devised a three-hour Stop Smoking Now! programme Read More>. She trains NLP Practitioners in this system and also uses it with private clients.

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