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March 27, 2011

It's so strange what happened after the last session where you were working on his dyslexiawith him. Can you remember when Robert got up and came over and hugged me? well that was very out of character for him. We've never had that kind of relationship, with him always favouring his father to me. I think it stems from my post natal depression and that bond not being there; I'm sure Robert picked up on it as a baby and toddler. Anyway, since that day Robert and myself are BEST friends (much to the disgust of my daughter Lucy!). He hugs me and tells me how much he loves me all the time, something he never wanted to do before. It's WONDERFUL Antonia. It's changed our relationship so much. I think he is truely a happier boy and his confidence has grown so much because of that change in our relationship. We still have our moments like all mothers and sons but it's so different now. THANK YOU for what ever it was you did or said to him on that day.

My "battle" with the school continues but I am making good progress now and am on top of the whole thing. I have insisted Robert have a full cognitative assessment and have joined some support groups to help both me and him. The future looks bright!

I'll keep my eyes posted on your website.

Great to be in contact again! Louise xx