What some of our EasyBirth™ clients have said:

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"I just wanted you to know that our baby, Clare Jane arrived safely. A water birth and labour was beautifully short. The NLP was so beneficial, thank you."
Vivienne Alves.

"It was an amazing birth of 2hrs.20mins, and I never thought I could do it without an epidural. I imagined your hand on my shoulder! My first born was 12 hrs and difficult."
Mary Grigg

"Just to let you know that, yes, I have had the baby, and the NLP really did work. I went into hospital at ten to five and Dante was born at 6.34 am and I only had to push for 4 minutes."
Charlotte 08/02/05

"Baby Oliver 8lbs 4oz

I used the Inner Power Hypnobirthing technique (along with some NLP) to get over the fear of having difficulties during my 1st labour and was amazed at the results, the techniques worked wonders and baby Oliver was born within 5 hours of the 1st contraction as my body was just so relaxed. It helped to keep me focused on the breath and with the help of my husband talking me through the techniques Oliver was born in the water pool without any intervention' we are thrilled, the whole experience has been so healing.

We met once with each of the therapists before the due date and were given a personalized CD to listen to every night from the hypnobirthing practitioner and asked to return 3 months before the due date by the Easy Birth therapist.

The Easy Birth NLP technique consisted of a script, which my husband read to me each night and some simple instructions to remember on the day. The most important of which was to 'look up' during every contraction and for my husband to gentle touch me on the shoulder saying a statement from the script, this instantly took my mind away from the pain and focused it on the breath instead."

We are thrilled as Oliver was born in a birthing pool very calmly and has smiled ever since, he's such a happy little soul J