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"I really enjoyed the long morning. It's the third time I have come to one of your workshops. I find them fascinating and thought-provoking. There is a good pace. As a future teacher, I am particularly watching for teaching techniques. 

I had a bit of a shifting perspective following Sunday, which I suspect is still moving. For some reason there are a lot of weird coincidences going on. The change that has happened seems not to be rational since my conscious mind thinks it has not chosen it. It really feels like the subconscious mind is gallavanting cheerfully down a new path, which is a good path. There is no friction. The conscious mind is very happy about it, just surprised and concerned that it does not appear to be as in control as it thought it was, but then, it was never really wholly in control at all.

The outcome? Increased harmony within." Angel

"It was lovely to meet you yesterday. What a wonderful day! I really appreciated your clear explanations of all the NLP techniques you taught and examples of how these might be integrated into our yoga teaching. I look forward very much to reading your handouts and exploring your techniques in my yoga classes" Paula, BWY Dip. RYT® British Wheel of Yoga Certified, RYS 200 Registered Yoga Teacher, Reps Registered

"I gained so much from my times with you at The Friars – and found you and your teachers inspirational. "
Judith Saunders (Yoga and Detox Holidays at Aylesford Priory)

"I want to thank you for an excellent workshop. It is one of the few that I actually come away from with things both tangible and constructive and that I could use to benefit my students. I was very impressed, so it is with much excitement and anticipation that I look forward to the NLP Course. "
Janie Sill (Yoga Teacher) 26/09/2003 NLP for Yoga Tutors CPD Course

"I have been organising training for staff working in the General Medical Practices for several years. From the very first session of Antonia’s ‘training “Staying on top of pressure” held on 1999, there was no going back. The word spread and they have continued to be one of the most successful workshops we offer."
Sandy Milne, Primary Care Training Manager, South West Hampshire.

"I wanted to let you know what a profoundly positive effect the NLP evening had on me. The change was instantaneous and I can’t believe how much better I feel about my life. It has fired me up to enjoy all the good things I have in my life - and they are many."
Bev. (This was after a 4 hour introductory NLP Long Evening course)

"I attended and NLP Foundation Course last autumn following several ‘taster’ sessions at your fabulous Yoga/Detox week at Aylesford Priory, where I had been astounded how the techniques had helped me overcome serious health problems and gain control over my body once again. It might sound trite, but if I had not experienced it myself, I would not have believed it. "
Barbara Archer July 7th 2004

"I would like to thank you for the weekend training, which I found rewarding on so many levels. As well as answering my curiosity about NLP, I met some wonderful people and had a wonderful time. I think this weekend will mark the beginning of a different life for me, for which I thank you."
Chris Evans 30/10/2006

"I wanted to thank you for a fantastic weekend on the NLP Foundation Course. Antonia you teaching is superb. I felt privileged to be there and can’t thank you enough. I have already used the tools from the course that you taught me and as of Friday have secure myself a job at a company based in Hammersmith, and I know that my recent involvement in NLP definitely made an impact on them."
Claire 11/11/2006

"Thank you for providing the stress management course for our carers. Everyone found it useful! Marie said the exercises had freed up her frozen shoulder and it has done wonders for Lance’s neck! "
Lisa Geary – Wandsworth Social Services. 06/11/1997

"I have attended many of Antonia’s courses and found them very useful and very interesting. Antonia has enabled me to move forward as a trainer and to get more business using the techniques she taught me. She helped me on a personal level, first after major surgery from which I recovered much faster than was thought possible and secondly with a psychological problem, which I have had since childhood. This has enabled me to be more confident and successful in a specific area of my work."

Patricia Romain BA(Hons)psych.RGN.Cert.HSC.Dip.RSA

"GP PRACTICE REEPTIONIST PROGRAMME. I would like to thank you very much for your assistance in delivering the Managing Stress Module of the PRP Programme. The evaluation sheets that the delegates completed were excellent, as usual."
Mrs Sandy Milne, Primary Care Training Manager New Forest NHS primary Care Trust

"Very many thanks for a lovely workshop: all feedback was positive."
Karen G. Walker APRA. Women In Business

"Manu thanks for an inspiring 3 days- I can’t stop talking about what we experienced and the skills we developed."
Darell King 23/03/09


Antonia Boyle, Alpha Waves PDS, Westerham Kent