What some of our NLP Therapy and Coaching clients have said:

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"I would like to thank you for helping me with my fear of flying. I have tested this once since our session on a return flight to NY. I felt different immediately after the session, much lighter and I felt like my old self, as in actually looking forward to the flight and feeling excited about it rather than the dread I had been feeling before."
Linda Walker. 30/10/08

"I first visited Antonia in 2002 after my father had died and during a period when I was very stressed at work. Antonia enabled me to take a look at my life, create space in my mind and to address what was actually going on. She taught me to map out my life on a pie chart and I have used this tool continually ever since. A year after my father’s death I had one session with Antonia to come to terms with my father’s death and we did the ‘grief & loss model’, which helped me to move on with my life more positively. The model did not take away the pain of missing him, but it enabled me to lay my father to rest in peace. Antonia has never passed judgement on my problems and that made it much easier to deal with the issue at hand. She has great respect for her clients and does not look to install her own ideas on to them.
I feel that by having gone to Antonia I have realised that years of therapy are not necessary to get to the root of the problem. NLP seems to allow you to deal with huge problems in just a few sessions, and sometimes in one session. My sons will agree with this as they have both been to Antonia and dealt with issues they have wanted to resolve.
My 14 year old son had been biting his nails and cuticles since he was seven years old. Recently my son went for 1 session and now he is so proud of his fingers and is truly grateful that Antonia helped him.
My other son now aged 15 has visited Antonia on 2 occasions. When he was 11 we had a burglary, which frightened him and stopped him from sleeping. Antonia used a simple NLP technique, which helped him to view the burglary slightly differently, and hence enabled him to sleep soundly."

N.T. 02/12/06

"Before I proceed I would like to express the whole DeSouza family’s gratitude to you for your help and the positive change that you made in me. You will recall that on 24th February 1996 during your excellent Saturday course you asked for a volunteer who would like to cure a phobia. I explained that I had this tremendous fear of going into hospital for open heart surgery. I must say that when I left the demonstration chair I felt light mentally and found a vacuum had taken the place of the phobia. During the intervening days up to the operation I felt that a switch had been turned “ON” in my head. I was positive and relaxed about the outcome. I joked on the way to the operating theatre and woke up in intensive care unit."
Mr.DeSouza 26th April 1996

"I saw Antonia in November 1995 after being claustrophobia sufferer for 4 years, which was brought on by a panic attack whilst travelling on the London Underground. After trying hypnotherapy, which failed miserable, I was resigned that I would not be able to use lifts, trains, etc. After Antonia used NLP I did not believe that my claustrophobia had gone, she assured me it had, but it all seemed so easy. The following week I started travelling to work on the train and after a few initial feelings of anxiety I found that NLP had worked. Since then my confidence has grown and not just with lifts and trains, but in other aspects of my life. I am no longer restricted in my everyday living as I was even before the claustrophobia."
Gillian Cowlishaw. January 1996

"I managed it! Don’t know how Antonia does it! I was telling the air hostess about I’d been cured of my fear of flying phobia and she told the pilot who invited me on the flight deck to discuss NLP as he wanted smoking cessation. He said: “Let’s see how good you are.” And invited me up the flight deck to help him land his plane!!! I sat behind 2 pilots with headphones and listened to traffic control talk us down. Mind you I did burst into tears when it was all over!! Tears of liberation. I FEEL AS IF I HAD OPEN MIND SURGERY."
Gill Thurgood 08/12/2000 (Gill has done her NLP Foundation training with Alpha Waves and is now a Practitioner NLP)

"Dear Antonia, You predicted a few years back that I’d some day be travelling to London on my own to attend the NLP Practitioner Programme. Thanks to your inspiration, encouragement and support I have just completed module 5. Your future pacing has given me a sense of purpose and a sense of congruency that I never thought possible. You are a shining light.
Claire Brown ( Who, when she first came to see me had been suffering from agoraphobia since she was 7 years old and had had virtually continuous treatments since. After 4 sessions she left all that behind, trained for her Foundation NLP with me and became a Practitioner NLP with ITS. She is now an extremely effective therapist specialising in eating disorders, and getting magical results! I am very proud for her and for her achievements, which are truly remarkable."
Claire Brown can be contacted through Alpha Waves. Antonia B)

"I thought I‘d share my good news with you. I handed in my notice at work yesterday and have been offered a fantastic new job as an events manager at a new private members club. The money is fantastic, the people are great, and so I am happy. I though I would write to you and thank you, as I feel that the sessions earlier this year have been very instrumental in helping me move forward towards my goals with confidence."
Anna Horsman 06/09/2005

"I am doing well with snakes. My son tested me by showing me graphic photos on the internet and he was amazed at my reaction (or lack of it). I do feel I have a right to be here now, which I did not before. It is surprising how daily I come across something ‘snake like’ and I don’t feel in the grip of that sickness. It had a bigger impact on my life than I imagined."
Lorraine Oaks 11/03/06

"Thank you for your help with my driving problem. At last after 15 years, I am able to drive without the overwhelming anxiety attacks I have suffered for so long."
Maureen 02/11/1999

"I don't mean to sound like a 'born-again' but working with Antonia was, for me, life changing. Due to prolonged depression & anxiety I have developed entrenched negative & destructive thinking patterns as the norm, which has fundamentally affected my life. I've had many years experience of all kinds of therapy and treatments which have produced some positive effects. However in the past no treatment has successfully equipped me with the tools to actually change my mindset and (warning... I'm about to use the 'C' word) feel in CONTROL again.
In our first session I remember telling Antonia that frankly I no longer believed it was possible to free myself from that negativity, it was so engrained. When she told me NLP only requires a few sessions, I wondered if I was throwing my money away. However the techniques are remarkable and Antonia is an amazing woman, whom in a short time has earned my trust completely, because of her approach and fantastic results. We shifted a lot of emotional baggage but moreover I learned so much about how I can reprogram the way I think, and actually halt spiraling negative thoughts when they occur. Everyone must decide for themselves but after so long its been a revelation for a jaded cynic like me. I look forward to further work with Antonia in the future on my career and professional development now that I am finally moving forward again."

...Best, Marcus, 2012

"Neuro linguistic Programming is an amazingly effective technique for helping you to make changes in your life.  At it's heart is helping you to build rapport with yourself and others.  that's why my partner and I have found it so helpful - it helped him to build his self esteem and for us both to understand each other better.  Within a month we were so much happier with each other (a good rapport) - we had been arguing many times a week - now it is a rare occurrence - certainly much less than once a month is there a flare up and these are very short lived - nothing like the awful scenes we used to have I am ashamed to say."

"Sorry it's taken me so long to get I'm touch with you. Just wanted to let you know how flying went. I was definitely less scared than previously. You were right, the anticipation before the flight was almost worse than the flight itself. I was still a bit shaky during parts but I was able to rationalise it. I was actually sitting next to a woman who was also scared and ended up striking up a conversation with her and calming her down during turbulence which was great.
Thank you very much. It was lovely to meet you."

Hello Antonia,  "A voice from the past - and doing well. I have now recommended you twice to friends of mine as you so helped me over 5 years ago when I was having panic attacks during my cancer treatment. I came along with a friend then and I'm wondering if you can help another friend who has not had much luck with sessions locally. She is very receptive indeed and wants to help herself. I hope you don't mind me contacting you and I hope to hear from you when you can. You were my salvation." Regards Verity