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"Dear Antonia, 
A huge thank you for your Untangle your Mind CD which helped me enormously during a deeply anxious time earlier this year.  It gave me great strength & clarity. Thank you so much for investing your time & expertise in what is a very powerful resource."
Many thanks Antonia,
Om shanti, Bel x

"Many thanks for the CD - it's very impressive. I particularly like the mixture of the ambient music and your voice, it makes it a very powerful tool.
Again many thanks."   April


"Antonia I am delighted with your relaxation CD. It has helped me to get to sleep without alcohol. Furthermore with regular use the sensation approaches bliss. Mornings are full of energy and motivation. I recommend it to everyone." Judy

"I work with 2 clients who are profoundly affected by the devastating condition of Huntington's Disease. Today I played your relaxation CD for 20 mins to one of the clients I work with and she was calm and focussed for the entire duration which was quite some breakthrough! Your voice is entirely seductive and unique so it is really quite a masterpiece. Thank you" Natalie

"I do love its soothing atmosphere and I am not sure that I have actually heard all of the 20 min one all the way through as I think I have "zoned out"! It seems a good idea to have the different duration sessions so that they can be selected as required, but I have not used them "in anger" as I already know that I need a longer "reset" so the 20 min one is the one that I tend to listen to. I like the very simple, soothing "tone" in the background behind your talking as I find that I tend to be distracted by any music/sounds that my regular yoga teacher uses and tend to just block it..." Paulina

"When I saw you at the BWY Congress, I mentioned how much my students like listening to your 10mins & 20mins Relaxation CDs - they love the content and your voice and always feel completely chilled at the end of the session!" Thank you, Helen
"I've been using your NLP CD for 2 weeks now, and it's amazing!  It's really helped me with my breathing and I find it a wonderful precursor to doing my yoga practice with greater mindfulness and a deeper awareness of breath." Tanya
I think it is marvelous.  I have been listening to it most nights....and to be honest, I haven't heard the end many times, because I have drifted off.  This is good as, as I am going through the dreadful hot flushes and insomnia stage of my life at the moment. lol.  On a more serious note, I think your use of embedded suggestions, the pacing of your delivery and the tone of your voice is excellent.  I would be happy to recommend this CD to my students.
Bonne continuation!Jane