What some of our Yoga students have said:

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"Antonia's yoga day was recommended to me by my regular yoga teacher, Katerina Arnold, and I am so glad I attended. The day was packed full of posture work as well as breathing technique and philosophy. I came away feeling relaxed, centred and inspired. There were people of all ages and abilities in attendance and the relaxed atmosphere put everyone at ease. Antonia is an amazing teacher and I can't wait to attend her next yoga day- they will certinly be a regular feature in my calendar going forward!"

See you in September!

Natalie, May 2013

"I really enjoyed your class.  It was rich with thought-provoking concepts.  I do hope you do another one soon. I particularly enjoyed the Chakra meditation incorporating NLP principles and have been using it ever since to great effect.  I also found the technique to put on the Moolabhanda lock very very useful as I have been doing this wrong for quite a while.  Finally, I have been noticing sometimes a knee weariness.  Your advice on modifications for Trikonasana to protect this hinge joint were revelatory to me.  In fact this prompted me to contemplate the gymnastic background of Iyengar and to put this into mind when following his guide.  I have since started reading a lovely book called Light on Yoga by Desikachar in which he reveals the Yoga of his father, Krishnamacharya.  His guidelines seem to be more flexible than Iyengar in considering individual diversity.

Looking forward to the next class.
Angel, September 2013

"NLP I have created a new name for it - Now Living Peacefully! what an amazing way to spend the week end, learning how to create peace Now! in your body , mind and spirit, NLP works brilliantly with teaching yoga- You will be Amazed at the transformation! I was! used it in class and loved the amazed look on the faces of the class when they experienced the benefit of what I had learnt in a week end! tools for life , looking forward to learning more!"
Rose Romani, B.W.Y. Yoga Teacher. 2014

"I just wanted to write to say thank you for the excellent course last weekend. It was really interesting, inspiring and useful and you were so inspirational. It was a real pleasure to meet you and I look forward to seeing you again". Best wishes, Ella. 2014